I Was Feeling So Strange

I woke up as fresh as baby Jesus because today was the last day of Japan. I was feeling so strange that I was actually going to Mexico tomorrow. I opened the little window to look up the clear sky and gave silent payer to God, “Thank you so much for giving me the miraculous opportunity to escape from Japan and giving me the incredibly clear sky as a gift for my new life, amen!” With this high spirited mood, I checked my e-mail inbox with my laptop, and here it was; I had received a message from my good friend Jorgito. It said:

Hello, my yellow friend! I like your vision of next six months so much except one. I do not agree with you about a Spanish school. You should not attend a Spanish school, idiot. It will be completely wasting your money! I think that you practice your Spanish with Gerardo and me every day, which is enough for you to learn it quickly. I hope that you are not going to spend your money on a stupid Spanish school. Here are some important Spanish words, try to remember it:

Como estas? ……. How are you?

Como te llamas? ……. What is your name?

Gracias ……. Thanks

Por favor ……. Please

Yellow ……. Shogo

Aprender ……. Learn

Jugar ……. Play

Puta ……. Bitch

Mujer ……. Woman

Hombre ……. Man

Libro ……. Book

Feliz ……. Happy

Libre ……. Freedom

Amigo, you have to learn these words before you land your ass on Mexican soil, OK?