Need to Share My Happiness with Someone

After reading the message, I began feeling that my new adventure is not a dream; it is the reality. “Son of bitch went to Excess again without me!” I thought and suddenly indescribable rage was attacking me, “calm down, you aggressive tiger; there is nothing to be angry at, and actually, it is OK with me unless he has crossed the line, namely, dancing with my sweetheart!” I almost forgot about her, but he reminded me. I love her very much as a friend and maybe more, who knows? I have known her over three years. Every time I see her, I become extremely happy as a baby god. The prospect of seeing her again soon cheered my spirit up to heaven, so I felt like I needed to share my happiness with someone.

I decided to call Hiro, who is my childhood chum. I have known of him since he was seven years old. We were good friends to each other until we become twenty-one years old. We were born in the same year by the way. We have taken different directions that made us separate. It was indeed a good idea to see him again and to say good-bye to him. Besides, I wondered what he has become. I did not know his cell phone number, so I decided to call his parents’ house whose telephone number is the same as my parents’ telephone number except the last digit. His mother was surprised when I called her, but she soon became friendly and begged me to see Hiro before going to Mexico, because he had no friends and would be very happy to see me again. After I got his house number, I called him. His daughter answered the phone and called Hiro on the line. As soon as he recognized my voice, he became enthusiastic and was eager to see me tonight at eight at Gasto. Settled.