I Always Pretend Not Be Afraid of Anything

After a brief silence, he carries on, “However, I am constantly feeling bored with taking a lunch break at the same time, eating lunch at the same places, seeing the same colleagues every day. I am unsatisfied with my life, but I can’t change my circumstances because I don’t have enough energy left inside me. I guess I have lost my enthusiasm for life and curiosity for life a long time ago. The worst thing is that I am accustomed to going through the same routine without any uneasy feelings, and I can no longer see the other way of life either. You know, human beings have the ability of adjusting to any kind of circumstances. It is quite the dangerous ability, isn’t it? To be earnest with you, I envy you, for you are free like a bird and seem not to worry about anything. Mr. Onoe, you are a special person, because everyone wants to travel around the world without worrying about anything; everyone wants to take a vacation to enjoy their lives; everyone wants to take a risk to have some great experiences and adventures. However, the problem is that not everyone has the courage to take a huge step like you. Everyone is afraid of losing their jobs and afraid of losing their securities. The truth is that not everyone simply can take a risk, including myself. But you can do it, and I suppose it’s the admirable gift for one to have great courage like you.”

Here Ms. Kato approaches us with the confirmation for my flight, “Here is your itinerary, Mr. Onoe. I think you know of Mexico better than me, so as usual, I have nothing to explain you.”

“Thanks for everything, Mr. Kura. I am so excited about my new odyssey. You said just before I have great courage, but to be candid with you, I am afraid of taking such a great risk, like everyone else. However, my anticipation of a new experience overcomes my weakness. If I start thinking about money, job, security, and such superficial things, I can’t do anything in my life, because pessimistic thoughts make me paralyzed from taking any actions. Therefore, I’ve decided to be worried about such trivial things when I am in Mexico, since it is silly for anyone to think about what hasn’t happened yet. Besides, I guess that sort of thinking is the worst wasting time in one’s life. I trust God, and I always pretend not be afraid of anything. Such is my way, Mr. Kura.”

He is standing up to wish me luck, “Mr. Onoe, I hope everything will be satisfactory for you in Mexico. Also, I believe you can have incredible experiences over there. Thanks for the wonderful chat you always give me. Have a good trip, Mr. Onoe.”