The Date Is Already Decided

A week has elapsed since the vital decision. I am becoming happy as a child again and feeling so alive with anticipation of starting a new life and with the enthusiasm of the incipient adventure. “Today must be the day to buy the flight ticket,” I think joyfully. As soon as I take a shower and gulp a cup of coffee, I hit the street without checking my e-mail inbox because I cannot control my excitement. There is a clear sky without any clouds, and the sunshine is above me as my guardian angel. It seems to me that the bright sun is shining exclusively on me as if the entire universe encouraged me to buy the flight ticket today.

As soon as I enter H.I.S., Mr. Kura recognizes me and offers me a chair to sit down. He greets me with a bright smile spreading on his face, “Mr. Onoe, it’s a pleasure to see you again. Thank you so much for buying flight tickets from us all the time. I remember you bought several flight tickets for China from us. You went there with your Mexican friends, am I right? How was the trip? Did they enjoy it?”

“Yes, it was the one of the best trips in my entire adventures, and they think so, too. They enjoyed exceedingly. Also, I indeed went to Mexico to see them last March, but I didn’t buy the flight ticket here since I couldn’t find a convenient schedule.”

“You went to Mexico again! You are very lucky to have such wonderful friends over there. You’ve been there five or six times already, I guess. Anyway, which country are you going to conquer this time, Mr. Onoe?”

I reply with a joyful smile, “I’m going to Mexico again. I want you to look for the cheapest ticket for me. The date is already decided. I want you to look for it on the November 27.”

He is visibly surprised and asks me curiously, “Mr. Onoe, how long do you intend to stay there on this time? What are you going to do there? Are you taking a vacation again?”

“No, Mr. Kura, this time is not a vacation. I’m going to live in Mexico for a while. My Mexican friends have offered me to come to Mexico to stay with them. I can stay at their houses for gratis as long as I need. Furthermore, they are looking for a job for me over there right now. Frankly, I am not sure if I can find a job over there, but I’ve pondered it over and over, and I’ve finally reached the conclusion: take a risk.”