Start a New Life

Gerardo always signs his name “Gerardo Kent” or “Gerardo Balboa”, because he thinks that he is as innocent as them, as pure as them, and as strong as them. I really do not know how such illusions have come into his head, but this is his affair, so I promised myself that I would be mum about it as long as he is not crazy enough to begin waking up at four every morning to start jogging like Rocky Balboa. And on top of it all, he is younger brother of my good friend Jorgito! Consequently, I can expect anything from a small Mexican prick like him as well.

A couple of days later Crazy Ramon sent me a convivial welcome message:


Hey Biatch…!!!

What a fucking surprise, man! Let me apologize for the delay to answer you back because I was out of town. Man, you know, you are my fucking Japanese soul mate, and you can stay at my house all the fucking time you need while you can finish writing your book. Do not forget, bitch, MY APARTMENT IS YOURS. You have to start a new life, man. You have to improve your health and have to stay away from Japan for a while. Also, you have to be striving harder for your dreams come true: Being a writer and living in Vancouver. The good thing is that it will be cheaper and easier for you to go to Vancouver from here. Moreover, I have just sent your resume to some hotels and tourist agencies here in Playa Del Carmen. As soon as I get some information from them, I will let you know. Of course, as God is my witness, it is my duty as a fucking best friend to help you to find a job here or help you whatever shit you need, man.

By the way, we are going to travel to Guadalajara on the December 22 to spend Christmas there, so it will be fucking awesome if you can spend the Christmas with us there. You know, my family likes you very much, and it will be a fucking honor for us to have you on the Christmas in Guadalajara. We are going to return to Playa Del Carmen on the December 28 again, so it will be fantastic if you come with us.

Let me explain to you what the fucking Riviera Maya is, ha-ha-ha. Riviera Maya is composed of more than 350 km of beaches, and all along the Riviera Maya, there are a lot of cities, such as Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, Cozumel, Isla Mujeres, etc. This bunch of cities is called the Riviera Maya.

I think that Jorge is right. It will be easier for you to find a job in Playa Del Carmen, because here are a lot of tourists who speak English and other languages more than in Mexico City, where people only speak Spanish. In conclusion, here are more job opportunities for people who speak English and other languages than Mexico City. I think that you will probably take a month or two months to find a job here. Please do not be in despair. It will take you for a while to find a job because of the season, such as Christmas, New Year, and all these kinds of shits, you know. My brother, please tell me now that you are going to prepare for the anticipation of A BIG JUICY HAIRY BLONDE CUNT for you when you arrive. She is my welcome gift for you, ha-ha-ha! Biatch, you will soon become a BIG BROWN MEXICAN DICK, and you will soon say good-bye to YOUR MILKY JAPANESE DICK, ha-ha-ha! Hope to hear from you soon with big hugs.

Caribbean Cunt Master,