Everything Will Be Jake

Next day I received a welcomed letter from Gerardo and a couple of days later, I received welcomed letters from Jorgito and Ramon. They congratulated on my decision, each in their own way. I could not believe that life has changed so dramatically over night. Yesterday morning I was a prisoner, and today I am released from my unnecessary long sentence for which I have not committed any crime, except I have just tried to live my own life according to my heart’s prompting. I still do not comprehend why I have suffered and been tortured for so long, because I do not consider that expressing my true opinions and being a true self all the time are crime; I regard that they are necessary tools to make oneself happy.

Whenever I go to Mexico, I always stay at Gerardo and Jorgito’s house or Ramon’s house. Gerardo is one of my best friends as well. Maybe, he is the most imperative one because he was the beginning of everything. He was the first Mexican who became my friend, although at that time, we could not express our feelings freely in English. Perhaps, our strongest connection that time was that we both had a Brazilian girlfriend. I have a genuine affection toward him as a friend. Here is his congratulated message:


Hey, you crazy son of bitch, ha-ha-ha…. It is wonderful news that you are coming to Mexico, and I am truly grateful for your decision, my friend, but you have to know that it is not easy for you to get a job here because of language. Without Spanish, it will be difficult for you to work for a company. I guess that with your English, you can find a job easily, such as at a restaurant, hotel, bar, coffeehouse, etc. In the neighborhood where I am living now, there are a lot of foreigners, so you can find a job around here, I think. However, do not think that you will find a job here very easily and will get paid well, man. I just want you to be aware of the circumstances. Of course, I will try to help you to find a job here and will do my best.

I will be really glad if you really come to Mexico, and you can stay at my apartment as long as you wish. Now I have a roommate, and of course, she is extremely beautiful. I think that you will fall in love with her very quickly, maybe, at the first glance. But she is mine, so don’t you dare to do anything stupid, son of bitch, ha-ha-ha. I am warning you because I know you, Shogo; you are fucking dangerous if it concerns a beautiful vagina, ha-ha-ha. We do not have any furniture at the apartment yet, and I could not talk with her about you, because she is now traveling around Europe, but she is coming back on this Saturday. Do not worry about anything, my friend. Everything will be jake!

Send me your itinerary as soon as you buy a flight ticket, okay? Again, I have to pick up your ass at the airport, son of bitch, ha-ha-ha. See you soon, my friend!

Gerardo Kent


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