Do Not Stray from My True Path

I have made up my mind and become so happy with the sudden prospect of the new adventure. “I have to let my Mexican friends know about my vital decision tonight!” I thought to myself excitedly. I decided to walk instead of taking a train because I was so intoxicated with my unexpected odyssey. While I was walking on my way to home, a beautiful tune of whistling came from my lips. “When on earth is the last time I whistled like that? Ages ago, perhaps?” I thought. As I was passing the train station, I changed my mind to sit down on a bench to smoke and enjoy this fantastic feeling a little more. I lit a cigarette and looked up the sky with bright shining stars. “It is so strange,” I thought, “because normally, I cannot see so many shining stars on autumn sky, but tonight shining stars are congregating above me as though Almighty in heaven decided to celebrate the prospect of my new adventure and decided to make me perceive that He always will look after me if I do not stray from my true path.” With watery eyes, I silently thanked God for being born under the lucky stars. I stood up and started skipping with whistling from sheer joy. While I was on my way home, I was constantly yelling at the unusually beautiful night sky like a happy lunatic, “I will let my Mexican friends know about my vital decision tonight! Thank God, I am feeling so alive!” while snapping my fingers.

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