What a Wonderful Memory

And he has sent me reminiscent message right after his return to Playa Del Carmen from the honeymoon:


Heeeyyy fucking Biatchh…!!

How are you, my express shit friend, ha-ha-ha…? How is everything at the Japanese Fox River, ha-ha-ha…?  Let me tell you that I have been worried about you because of your illness. Man, are you still shitting every two minutes like a fucking mad cow, ha-ha-ha…? Have you changed your doctor? Is your stomach getting better? If your condition doesn’t get better, you must change your doctor, man! I have been continuing to shit as you, ha-ha-ha… Maybe, we have the same fucking illness, me with the fucking Maya’s and you with the fucking Japanese dickheads, ha-ha-ha….

Let me confess that when I was at the high alter on the wedding, I started having flashbacks about at Mens Club with you, ha-ha-ha. That was the best five-night-orgy that we have ever spent together dancing and touching the best two blonde bitches at the club, ha-ha-ha. Man, I love these memories so much, including such a lot of wonderful moments in Vancouver, where we had a number of parties at your apartment with fucking Miki and Kaori! Man, what a wonderful memories; we have been watching with each other how life and destiny have brought us along past nine years. I truly thank and appreciate for your eternal friendship, man!

How is your book going on? I consider about myself one of your fervent fellows. Are you still planning to move to Vancouver? I really hope so, because of your physical condition and mental state. You have to improve them, man, so that you can be the uncle of my fucking future kids, and you can be the godfather of them. And in the future, you have to bring them to Mens Club so that you can give them one of the most essential lessons in life, ha-ha-ha…. Please report your sexual activities to your Pimp Master as soon as you read this message, ha-ha-ha….


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