I Will Be Your First Fan

After the wedding was over, and I left Mexico, he had sent me the message of passionate appreciation:


Heeeeyyy My Japanese Biatch Brooo…!!!

First of all, let me tell you that I am truly grateful to you with my entire fucking pimp life for having showed your presence at our wedding. Believe me that Patricia and I consider you an extremely special friend, especially me, man. I consider about you as my Japanese brother, ha-ha-ha…. You have a lot of common thoughts with me and have a great deal of common ideas with me. That is why I consider about you a special bitch. And on top of it all, you become a crazy honey bitch like a fucking honey donkey chasing a female ass whenever you see a hot blonde cunt on a street as me, ha-ha-ha…. Man, let me tell you more, as I counted on you with special moment in my life (my execution) to stand by my side, please consider about me as your greatest biatch friend on earth. Whenever you need some help or some advice or whatever life presents in your future, feel free to count on me. I will be ready for you, and I will be open for you 24 hours of 365 days like Seven-Eleven, ha-ha-ha….

By the way, we are fucking happy that you finally started writing your book, man. It is fantastic news actually, and I am proud of you. I really love your style of writing, which is very emotional and real. All I can gather from the piece of writing which you have sent me is that your book is based on real life, real feelings, and real experiences of life. I think that you have accumulated enough experiences from life; therefore, now you are ready for writing your book. And I do not have any doubt that it will be a great book and will inspire a number of people all over the world. I will be your first fan, bitch…. You have to invite me to a party with a bunch of beautiful cunts when you get rich and famous, ha-ha-ha…. How is your life in Japan right now with the fucking Japanese bastards? Ha-ha-ha! Hope to hear from you soon, biatch! Send you a big hug….


Your Mexican biatch brother Ramon

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