I Will Be Just Married

After I replied to him that I would do my best to attend the wedding, he had sent me another anxious message:


Heeeeyyy Biatchhhh…!!!

Man, believe me that I am still shocked by my impulsive decision and still cannot understand why I have proposed to her. I guess that I must have drunk too much and must have become a maudlin intoxicated son of bitch, ha-ha-ha…. And I am shit-scared of the day of my execution. I had really thought in all my life that I would never marry, but I had been psychologically pressured by her constantly talking about marriage the past goddamn two years, ha-ha-ha! But don’t be worried about me, man, because I will be just married, but I won’t let myself be castrated! Thus, whenever opportunities of wielding my prick rise up, I won’t hesitate a wee bit and will show my art of sexual performance anywhere and anytime. Even if a bitch wants to be fucked publicly, I will stab my rod into her cunt with all my might. I will use my prick ability more than ever that I can promise you, for sure! Ha-ha-ha…. By the way, man, I sincerely appreciate your everlasting friendship and am crazily excited that you are coming to the wedding. You must know that Patricia and I (especially me) have a lot of affection toward you.

The wedding is going to be held in Cancun. It will be much better than in Guadalajara, to be sure. As always, you can stay at my apartment, so do not worry about anything. As you know, my house is always and will be always your house. Also, you do not need to be worried about transportation in Cancun either, because my family has a car here and can take you wherever you wish to go. Of course, you can stay at my apartment all the time you want to be here, so do not worry about anything and just practice your art of sexual performance in Japan for being ready to fuck cunts at the wedding, okay? Ha-ha-ha…. Man, hope to hear from you soon and wish you can do everything to come here to witness on my execution day; that is my last petition from you, ha-ha-ha….

Ramon the almost Dead Man

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