Need to Confess Something Important

I still cannot believe that he has been married. I thought he was the kind of guy who would never marry in his lifetime; he would just enjoy drinking beer every day and would enjoy having a good fuck occasionally, to the end of his day. I remember vividly that he swore his eternal bachelorhood eight years ago. We were invited to the wedding party of our friend’s sister. As usual, he was drunk and was enjoying it the most. Suddenly he said to me, “Hey bitch, I need to confess something important. Let’s go outside.” And we went to the empty soccer field by the wedding hall. We were looking at the empty field sitting on a stool and talking about our past adventures. He asked me, “Bitch, give me a cigarette!”

I replied with a surprise, “Of course, Ramon, but you don’t smoke cigarette, and you don’t like it. Are you sure that you want to smoke?”

He was laughing nonchalantly and was looking at my eyes determinedly as though he were a Trojan who indulges in the last luxurious treat before going to the battle for believing in the cause: “Bitch, let me smoke a cigarette only tonight. I need to smoke it before confessing something about my nature.”

He lit it and started his monologue, “You know, bitch, I think marriage is the worst invention that human beings have conceived of in history. I can’t imagine myself that I’ll compromise to fuck only one woman for the rest of my life someday. You know, I want to fuck every single beautiful woman I lay my eyes on. I can’t shake off cunts from my mind, you know. I really think my dick does not belong to only single cunt, but it belongs to all beautiful cunts who are dying to open legs for me. Of course, you know, I’ve fucked many cunts in my life, and you’ve witnessed how I wielded my winnow over cunts in Vancouver. I fucked Miki and Kaori, ha-ha-ha…. Besides them I fucked Canadian cunt, German cunt, and I don’t remember how many cunts I fucked over there –”

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