As If It Were Yesterday

I was wondering whether he was kidding or he was becoming mawkish again. And without any serious consideration about his proposal, I read Ramon’s message. He always calls me bitch, I do not know why. He never writes, “dear friend,” but always start with “biaatch”. I guess that it might be his way to show his affection toward me as a friend. Thus, I have accepted it without any protesting. Here is how it began, without any usual greetings:


Hey Biaatch…!!!

I am so fucking alive like a fucking crazy nymphomaniac, man, ha-ha-ha! First of all, let me apologize for not contacting with you for a long time, since I have traveled around fucking Mexico due to my job. But I know that it is a lame excuse for not writing to one of my best fucking friends. About the job, everything is fine, except the fucking routine every day with a lot of monotonous activities. Guess what, biaatch? Patricia and I are seriously planning to visit Vancouver next summer. We want to ask you to meet us there next summer if you agree with the date. It will be fucking exciting to see you there again. I always remember the old time when I was a fucking honey single bitch with huge erection twenty-four hours a day like you, ha-ha-ha…!  We must meet next summer in Vancouver, biatch. Of course, I prefer meeting you before next summer, but I guess that it is kind of hard for you to manage because of your circumstances and fucking economy. However, if there is the possibility for us to see each other again before next summer, it will be awesome, biatch! I truly miss old time in Vancouver with you a lot, man! Life has passed so fast with a great deal of changes every single day that is hard to believe. We met in Vancouver nine years ago, goddamn; it was a long, long time ago. I remember it as if it were yesterday, ha-ha-ha!

I easily guess that you must be so fucking stressed out with your life in Japan, man. Believe me that staying in Japan is bad for you, especially your health. Your health is the principal thing, so you must take care of it, really, man…. Why don’t you come to Mexico to live with us for a while where the fucking life is cheaper, easier, and healthier. Also, it is cheaper to travel to Vancouver, cost is just US $400 for round trips from Cancun, can you imagine? It is cheaper for us to visit Vancouver from here than from fucking Guadalajara! You know that you are my Nippon brother, and you can stay at my apartment with us all the time you need to complete your dreams of being a writer and dreams of living in Vancouver again. Let me know what you think about this wonderful idea? Or do you have another plan for this coming winter?

About my sexual nature, you know me more than my fucking parents or Patricia, man, ha-ha-ha. As you know, every fucking block in Playa Del Carmen or every place and every street around the planet, I always get huge erection in my pants when I see blond cunts passing before me, ha-ha-ha! That something I cannot control because it is in my nature, ha-ha-ha…. I hope to hear from you soon, my friend.

Big hugs from your pimp master!

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