Where Is Your Pride?

Probably, he does not know even now that he was the guy who made me decide to see the world and who opened the door of the new world for me. I had never respected any Japanese guys, but him I had respected so much and felt overwhelmed with his enthusiasm for life. Now he has been defeated shamelessly by the Japanese society system, that he hated so much and that has even made him a shameless loser, saying that Japan is the best, and he is so contended to work five days a week. Hot tears are coming to my eyes, because I do not want to admit that he has become a beaten dog. Where are you, Yoshi? Twelve years ago, you were the champion of life! Where is your pride? I miss the old Yoshi, who had a lot of hope for his life. I miss the old Yoshi, who passionately talked about his Korean girlfriend, who was the one he would marry someday. Where is your unquenchable enthusiasm for life? Where is your eternal passion for America? I cannot see them anymore. I can only see the perfect loser, who utterly admits his defeat and thinks that his enthusiasm for life was just sheer youthful dreams. I do not even recognize who you are anymore, Yoshi, and do not want to see you again anymore. I am glad that I have not been completely beaten by Japan yet and still have life inside me. I make a vow to myself that I will never allow myself to be like him. I know where I do not want to belong. I do not care how long it will take me to escape from my tribulations, but I will fight for my dear life with all my might. I must be more patient and must be stronger. Once again, he is the one, who taught me unintentionally what I do not want to become and where I do not want to belong.