It Is the Meaning of Life

He gulped a glass of whisky and pointed out a house down there with his pensive thought, “Look down there, can you see those houses, Shogo?”

“Yes, I can see them.”

“Shogo, here in Mexico we have a bunch of poor people. Our economy is very bad because of the fucking Mexican government. You know, Japan is a very rich country, and Japanese might have money, but they don’t have any life, and they don’t know how to enjoy their lives. I think Japanese are very sad people because they just work, work, work every day. See those people down there, even though their houses are almost decrepit, and they don’t have any money, they have mighty sunshine; they enjoy their lives so much, and the mighty sunshine gives them courage each day. We Mexicans know how to enjoy life with only sunshine!”

I was completely touched with this simple truth and exclaimed, “Jorgito, you are utterly right about it. Japanese are miserable creatures unfortunately who only know how to go to work on time every day. I am ashamed of my fellow countrymen. They should learn how to enjoy life more than how to make money; however, it’s hopeless for me to talk about the simple truth to them, shit! You are lucky for being a Mexican; not being Japanese, ha-ha-ha.”

He replied with tears of laughter in his eyes, “Shogo, you really hate Japan. I thoroughly understand you, so don’t worry. However, it’s so funny to see one genuinely despise his own country from the bottom of the heart, and I’ve never seen one expressing his hatred toward his own country so violently in my life. I am sorry, I’m laughing at you so much, but I can’t help it.”

He wiped his tears with his back of left hand and continued, “Here we are just sitting with a beautiful view and aren’t being worried about anything. We’re just enjoying our talks and feeling so relaxed and peaceful. It is the meaning of life, Shogo!”

At this moment, Gabriel passed by and gave a loud fart right beside us without any embarrassment, as if it were Mexican’s privilege to fart publicly to their heart’s content.

“Fucking Gabriel! He certainly has no shame, that idiot, but Jorgito, it’s the meaning of life, too!”

“Ha-ha-ha! Stupid Gabriel! It is the meaning of life, too, of course, Shogo!”