You Will Become a Great Writer Someday

“Yes, you are always right and enlighten me. I think you are very intelligent and are a very strong person. I mean your inside. You are completely different from other Japanese who I’ve met in my life so far. I’m sorry for reaching the conclusion by myself so soon, but I can’t refrain myself from saying that it’s a torture for you to stay in Japan, since no Japanese are intelligent enough to understand you. I wish someday I can have a strong faith in myself as you. Where do you get such wonderful ideas? From books, perhaps? By the way, I’ve been reading Brothers Karamazov, which you recommended to me, but it’s very difficult for me to understand because of numerous characters. It’s very interesting though…. I know you always feel at home with difficult books. You’re a truly extraordinary person, Mr. Onoe. With your high intelligence and incredible experiences, I have no doubt in my mind that you will become a great writer someday, and it will be real pleasure for me to read your books in the future.”

I am little embarrassed by hearing such passionate praises from my fellow countryman and say, “I’m not as good as you think of me. I myself, too, am still seeking the answer. By the way, have you ever heard of the name Hermann Hesse? You should try to read Demian, which will help you to understand the importance of having individuality in one’s life. I should go because I have to catch a train.”

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