I Feel So Great

It is a cool morning with a pleasant breeze. Morning fresh air makes my whole being awash. Mighty sun is about to rise on God’s heaven from east. I hop in the back seat and nod to the driver. While being driven to Mexico City Airport, I am contemplating all passing-sceneries, as if I were taking mental pictures. I still cannot believe that one’s life has changed so dramatically just within six months. I was nobody when I came to Mexico six months ago, but somehow I have completed writing my first book and eagerly stood on the starting line, as a writer with arms akimbo. I am still feeling that everything happened last six months is like a sheer brief dream and fairy tell. I was an utter failure six months ago. But I have been redeemed by my Mexican friends; I have been given a second chance. I did not want to lose this golden opportunity, so I have danced beyond myself and run at the top speed toward my dreams, with my head down like a bull. I have soared so high past six months and even did not remember how I have gotten there. This is the very first time in my life that I have lived my life to the fullest. And on top of it all, I feel so great. Aye, I am certain that if one believes in himself ultimately and never gives up, someday miracles will surely occur.


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