She Is a Booze Artist

She is repeating the same Excess gibberish over and over. It is apparent at the first glance that she is a booze artist. However, with infatuated Gerardo’s eyes, she is a fallen angel from heaven, and he keeps on buying drinks for her with a libidinous expectation. I am getting anxious and ask impatiently, “Gerardo, what are you doing? You have to go to a private dance right in this fucking instance. What time is it now?”

“Oh, come on! Take it easy, man. Trust me, we have more time to enjoy. It’s merely half past two. I’m working on it, my friend. She wants to drink more before we begin to jig. Be patient, give me more time, and just enjoy kissing your vagina, man, ha-ha-ha….”

Another thirty minutes has elapsed, without Gerardo having a private dance. No sooner than the drunken vagina goes to a bathroom by saying, “Order another drink for me!” – Gerardo explodes with animosity, “Fucking alcoholic vagina! Did you hear what she’s just said? I’ll no longer buy a drink for that crazy vagina anymore! She’s kept saying that if I buy a drink for her, I can have a private dance with her. And even more, she’s insinuated that I can penetrate her private spot with my wild stallion if I order another drink. What a sly vagina! No more spending my money on the screwball vagina!”

Here she comes back to the table and catches a glimpse of the table without drinks, she curses Gerardo hysterically, flips the finger off him crossly, and strode away furiously. At my great astonishment, in a few minutes, she reappears, sits down right next to our table, and engages in a conversation with a new client, as if we no longer existed anymore. Yeah, there is no doubt that she is thoroughly saturated with the spirit of whore. In other words, she is a professional whore and was borne to be a booze artist.

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