I Am Just Curious

It is a time for us to decamp, so we pay the bill and sashay toward the threshold. Before we step out the place, Gerardo suddenly frowns and blurts, “Do you know what I think of the inebriate vagina?” With that, he lifts up his light leg slightly and let off his Molotov cocktail. It must have been sharp enough to be through the thin air for carrying his message to the alcoholic vagina, because she is suddenly jumping up on the sofa and frenziedly charging toward him like a mad swine. It is lucky for him, for here a pimp swiftly steps in, grabs the assailant, and orders us to leave immediately. When we hit the street, Gerardo confesses with beads of perspiration on his temple, “By Jove! I saw murder in her eyes, man! Such furious eyes could turn a human being to a stone, so to say….  I almost ran to the end of the world for my dear life, ha-ha-ha….”

While we were driving to the apartment, Gerardo inquires with an amazed look, “Shogo, I’m just wondering what you talked to your vagina, because she can’t speak English; you know only little Spanish. So I am just curious….”

I look at the outside sheepishly for a while, and then answer, “Nothing special, man. I was just pretending to understand everything what she uttered.”

“I thought so, I thought so, my friend. That’s what I just thought, idiot, ha-ha-ha…”

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