How Did You Do That, Man?

We have been patiently waiting for some attractive vaginas to show up until twelve, but it is no luck for us. Thereupon, we decide to change the place. As we arrive at the last destination, Gerardo suggests optimistically, “Shogo, this is our last card. I think we can’t expect beautiful vaginas tonight due to it being Monday night. For that reason, we should stop being picky and just try to enjoy whatever they offer us; you know, just pick a vagina and have a private dance. This is your last night, so I want you to have fun, my friend.”

“Yeah, you’re goddamn right. We must enjoy tonight come hell or high water. Let’s do it, my friend,” I nod approvingly.

We choose the table right beside the main dance stage. Gerardo orders drinks for us and utters, “I think this place has more vaginas. By the way, I can’t believe you’re gone by the morning. I’ll miss you, man.”

I light a cigarette, puff in the air thoughtfully, and then express my nostalgic feeling, “Yeah, I still can’t believe my mission in Mexico will be over in several hours. As a matter of fact, it’s all too strange to me; I feel like I came to Mexico yesterday, you know…. The time has flown so fast like snapping fingers. In my past Mexican adventures, I’d always stayed for a month; this time, I’ve been stayed for six months. I don’t comprehend anything, man….”

“Shogo, six months is nothing. You should’ve stayed with us at least two or three years, you know….  Anyway, I still can’t believe that you’ve enjoyed Mexico to the fullest without Spanish. You, obstinate son of bitch, refused to speak Spanish; you spoke only English. But you had a wonderful time and enjoyed Mexican life every single day. How did you do that, man? Ha-ha-ha…,” he is laughing.

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