The Greatest Insult on the Face of Earth

We are appalled when we sail in the first strip club with a full of ebullience. The place is being almost empty, and only five ugly vaginas are parading around. Gerardo gets mad and cries out, “What the fuck is happening here? Christ, I can’t have a private dance tonight again? God forbids! I really need to jig with vaginas tonight, you know…. But I can’t possibly jig with such monsters! It seems to me that my stallion is upsetting, help me God!”

As soon as we are escorted to the table, two grotesque vaginas approach our table and sit down uninvitingly. Gerardo looks at me alarmingly, lifting his left eyebrow up, which means that he has just received the greatest insult on the face of earth and made up his mind to get rid of them in the fastest way. Sure enough, he starts pretending not to speak Spanish and runs off at the mouth with Japanese, which he only mastered during his sojourn in Japan, “コンニチワ… ゲンキデスカ?… アナタノナマエハナンデスカ?… アナタノマンコアイシテマス….”

He has contumaciously kept on babbling the senseless Japanese phrases until they became beside themselves with rage and irritation, would free the table.

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