We Lost Our Temple Unfortunately

I light a cigarette and fall to pondering for a few minutes. And then I pipe up enthusiastically, “I think you prove the point, my friend. Likewise, I only fall on a strip club when I’m in Mexico. Besides, the last time was total disaster, remember? I don’t want my last night to be a total fiasco, you know…. Do you have any idea where we should sail in?”

He lapses into thinking for a while and shoots back, “Yeah, that’s the fucking problem. We lost our temple unfortunately, you know…. Do you remember that we saw two strip clubs on the road while driving to the dampest strip club in Mexico? I’m thinking we should crash both of them. If we don’t like the first one, we’ll just go to the other one. What do you think, my friend?”

“I’m in, my friend,” I beam and extend my right hand affirmatively.

He shakes my hand pleasingly and asserts lively, “I know you, Shogo, I know you, man. I knew you’re going to agree with my plan beforehand, ha-ha-ha….”

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