Please Never Go Back to Your Old Life Again

I am dumbstruck by his impassionate bombast for a full minute and do not know what to do with his ardent performance. And then I cannot refrain from bursting out laughing anymore and allow myself laughing hilariously, clapping my hands.

“Amigo, I’m not kidding; I’m goddamn serious!” he exclaims.

“I know, I know, Jorgito, but I just couldn’t… you know… I just couldn’t compose myself, please forgive me…. Anyway, thanks for your eloquent performance; I’ll never forget it. In fact, how can I forget such a zealous performance? You can be modern Mark Twine, so to say, ha-ha-ha…,” I am still laughing.

“Oh, come on, amigo! By the way, I have to go now. Actually, it is too late, so I must hurry up. But I have to tell you one more thing. Please never go back to your old life again. Shogo, you’re a writer now, so please never take a job again. And also you must minimize your stay in Japan and figure out the fastest way to decamp. I’m thinking that you should ask someone to invest in your work, you know, like my business. If I didn’t have any investors for my business, I couldn’t build houses; you know, I just thought so….”

With that, he stands up and gives me a strong handshake.

“Thanks for everything, Jorgito. I’ll definitely miss you,” I walk towards the door and open it for him.

Before he steps out the apartment, he asks expectantly, “Do you remember my passionate speech?”

“Of course, why?”

He gives me a cheerful grin and remarks with a horse wink, “Very good, amigo. I want you to write my glorious speech in your next book.”

“What? Idiot! That’s why you gave me such a pep talk?” I am open mouthed.

He is chuckling delightfully. And then he gives me a farewell hug and starts descending on stairs. As he is almost about to vanish, he suddenly whirls to face me and shouts, “I’ll miss you very much, Shogo. Mexico will miss you. Please, please never take a job again!”

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