A Passionate Farewell Speech

It is the Twenty-Fourth of May and my last day in Mexico. I am ambling around the streets of Condesa with my hand in my pockets and looking at every corner of street and passers-by, with gratitude of tears in my eyes, as if I were just snatching a passionate farewell speech to Mexico. The brazing sun is grazing at me, as if Mexico knew my imminent departure and wanted to fortify me. Not at all, a sweet-tempered breeze is lightly caressing my cheeks and carrying the music of soughing trees to my ears, as though Mexico decided to lift up the voice to give me a farewell march. “Dear me, I’ll miss Mexico badly!” I think to myself nostalgically.

Returning to the apartment in a sentimental mood, my eyes happen to espy Jorgito, who is in front of the apartment walking to and fro impatiently. In fact, I am quite surprised to see him, since we said good-bye to each other yesterday. Hence, I ask with a curious look, “What a good surprise, amigo? What are you doing here?”

He gives me a huge grin and snaps, “Idiot, I was waiting for you!”

“But you told me that you would be busy today, and yesterday was the last time you could see me, so…,” I respond perplexedly.

He is looking at the cloudless sky pensively for a while and then starts explaining, “I really thought yesterday was my last chance to see you, amigo. That’s why I gave you the melodramatic speech and sang Seis pies abajo for you in front of my relatives, winding up with a mournful yell, ha-ha-ha…. But I thought I have a little time to spend before going to Toluca, and that you might be at the apartment to be packing. Furthermore, I really need to talk to you the very last time alone. Let’s go up stairs, I have a little time left,” he is patting on my back amicably, smiling.

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