I Will Miss Mexico Enormously

When one is able to spend wonderful moments and enjoy life every single day with abundance of a heart, time will elapse so fast without recognizing its quickness. On the other hand, when one is obliged by enduring a humdrum existence every day with a weary heart, time will become perdurable to him, and he will be tortured by its dragging way of elapsing. I must have enjoyed my life in Mexico to the fullest, since time had elapsed so quickly as a lightning. It was indeed as brief as blinking eyes. It seems to me that it was yesterday Gerardo picked me up at Mexico City Airport; however, without recognizing it, I have been in here almost for six months. It is the very first time in my life that I feel vividly alive and blissful every single day. I have thrived with all my might and run toward my destiny as best as I could possible every single day since I came to Mexico. My Mexican odyssey is being ended as suddenly as it was begun. I will miss Mexico enormously, but I certainly have no regrets.