I Totally Agree with You

He lit a cigarette and went on, “At any rate, thanks to your sonorous fart for getting rid of the filthy vagina. She got enraged and just decamped with a terrible shriek, ha-ha-ha….”

“She deserved it!” I snapped indignantly.

My remark must have finished him; he suddenly exploded with laughter, holding his belly with his hands. After he laughed to his heart’s content, he said affirmatively with still laughter of tears in his eyes, “Yap, you’re goddamn right. I totally agree with you. That horrid vagina certainly deserved your contempt fart, ha-ha-ha…. To tell the truth, I enormously regret that I didn’t blast my Molotov cocktail right on her face at the first place, you know…. By the way, tomorrow we should go to my parent’s house, so that you can say good-bye to my folk… damn it! I still can’t believe that I didn’t jig with any vaginas tonight. But what can we do? Should I just wait for my stallion to simmer down? Shit, we definitely need Excess, my friend!”

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