Something Was Wrong with this God Forbidden Place

We made the worst mistake, namely, trusting Fernando. He assured us that we would have a great time, and the place was awesome. I did not remember the name of the place, since it was the dampest strip club I’ve ever let my immaculate feet step in under the Mexican sky. The upshot was that he brought an unwelcome extra package, Eloy. At my great horror, Eloy was garmented full-length, with a full of pink attires except his jeans: his t-shirt was pink, his jacket was pink, his cap was pink, his list band was pink, his underwear was pink, his socks were pink, and his shoes were pink. “Golly, what on earth is this Mexican monkey thinking? What the meaning of these pink costumes?” I thought to myself disconcertingly.

As soon as I entered the place, I recognized that something was wrong with this God forbidden place. I just felt that the ambiance of the place was not right. However, Gerardo, Fernando, and Eloy were accelerated by greeting from three mediocre vaginas and ordered two expensive bottles of tequila forthwith. I warned Gerardo that we had to change the place before it would be too late and explained how awful this place was and that we were just wasting our time and money. But infatuated Gerardo did not listen to my observation and announced breathlessly, “We shall stay here and have a private dance! Relax, Shogo, it’s too early – that’s why we can see only few vaginas. Just wait and be patient, man! You’ll see the place being packed with a full of sexy vaginas soon enough. You’ll see, you’ll see, my friend. Trust Gerardo Veloz!”

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