I’ll Miss You, Man

It was a Tuesday, and my departure from Cancun Airport was 6:15 p.m. Consequently, I have to be there by 5:00 p.m. But nothing could stop Ramon Garcia. He asked his boss to have extra break time and managed to drive me to the airport. He had to drive back all the way to Playa Del Carmen and resume his work, so he did not have much time. He parked a truck in front of airport and said, “Let’s go bitch. I’ll carry your suitcase and help you to check in.”

As we approached the gate, Ramon voiced, “This is where we say good bye.” He gave me a warm hug and went on, “It was a sheer magical time for me to have you around again, bitch. I think that I’ve provided you many dramas, so you have a lot of things to write for your next book, ha-ha-ha…. By the way, I have to ask you a huge favor: please give my winnow a rest for your next book. And please change my name to Robert or something, ha-ha-ha….”

As always, I was touched by his friendship and felt very sad for saying good-bye to this passionate man. Here I could not refrain from bursting into tears anymore and muttered, with tears gushing down my cheeks, “I’ll miss you, man.”

“For God’s sake, please stop weeping, bitch. I’m the one, who will be left alone.”

We shook hands and bid farewell to each other. As I was about to disappear into the gate, Ramon barked with hot tears in his eyes, “Hey Shogo, I no longer have anyone to foray into a table dance with me. I have to go there alone, man. Who the hell will accompany me to sail in Chilly Willys?”

With that, he turned back and strode out.

I still cannot believe to even this day that his very last parting word was: Chilly Willys.

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