Be Alert All the Time

Nothing is eternal. Everything comes to the end someday, since life is transitory. That is why every single moment is precious to all of us. Every chapter of life has the beginning and the ending – so is my life.

After all, the day came for me to bid farewell to the paradise. I felt that the time had reaped for me to change and leap into the new chapter of my life. I decided to go back to Japan for finding a way to raise some money, so that I could write another book in Vancouver. I told Ramon about my decision, and he encouraged me pensively, “I’m goanna be very sad, but the essential thing for your life right now is to keep on writing books. It’ll be quite difficult for you to find a way to go back to Vancouver, but I believe you can find the way. Don’t worry, bitch, and never give up. Remember, many doors will be slammed before your face, but one will be open for you eventually – that’s when you ought to come in. Be alert all the time. Besides, you know, this is your house, too, bitch, so you don’t need to thank me. I consider you a very special friend in my life, remember that. As a best friend, it’s my special duty to help you on the way. Wherefore, if anything happens on the way, remember your best biach friend Ramon Garcia; my house is always and will be always open for you. And before anything else, if ever you need a man who will have to go through fire and water for you, you have such a man – it is I. Because I never and will never desert those whom I treasure, whether in happiness or in misfortune, and I’ve proved it, ha-ha-ha….”

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