Understood Why He Is a Great Man

During on the road trip, Ramon’s father always insisted to pay everything, for example, breakfast, lunch, dinner, tickets, accommodations, etc. I was grateful for his generosity. Every time I tried to pay for myself, he gave me a benign smile and assured amicably, “Don’t worry, Shogo. You’re my Japanese son.” Every time I heard his affectionate words, uncontrollable tears welled up in my eyes. Ramon also said, “Don’t worry, bitch. This is our way for cerebrating on your first publication. We’re really proud of you!” It was immense pleasure for me to witness that the father and the son genuinely love each other. The son was worried about the father for spending money too much, so he naturally offered to pay before the father reached his wallet. However, the father did not let the son to pay and insisted to take care of everything. Eventually, the son reluctantly submitted the father. Patricia once remarked to me by looking at Ramon’s father, “Ramon will exactly look like his father in twenty years.” Now I completely understood why Ramon has been extremely generous to me during our friendship and understood why he is a great man: Ramon has just followed his father’s footsteps in all his life. I was overwhelmed by their family bond and thought that it was very beautiful.

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