As If I Had Stepped Back In Time

Ramon planned a wonderful road trip for us on the weekend. Ramon, his father, Patricia, and I had hit the road from a Friday morning to a Sunday afternoon. Ramon occasionally made a stop on a highway, so that Ramon, his father, and I would take a leak, arching the air like a rainbow. Three of us affectionately nourished Mexican soil as a blissful Mexican family.

First our destination was Chichèn Itzà, where we could wonder no end at Mayan ruins. With scores of palaces, ball courts, pyramids, and other fascinating stone buildings, Chichèn Itzà is a Mayan ruin paradise. We were so excited about Mayan excursion, and Ramon constantly took pictures of us.

The next stop was Izamal. The first thing captured my eyes were that the town is painted yellow… all the colonial buildings, the market, the huge convent, everything! “Johan Nilsen Nagel could sport his loud yellow suit triumphantly and fit in this town famously,” I thought to myself, smiling. The other things that got my attention were the cobblestone streets and the iron lampposts that give the town a tranquil ambiance. The sound of the clippity-clop of the horses pulling carriages made me feel as if I had stepped back in time.

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