A Well-Informed Tour Guide

It was a Monday night that Ramon’s father arrived at Playa Del Carmen. I genuinely love his father. He is an exceptional gentleman with a big heart. He always carries a friendly ambiance about him. His every single gesture speaks benevolence, and his bright smile always makes people happy. If your heart troubles, just pay a visit to his father in order to see his bounteous smile that washes your troubles away. He speaks a little English, and I speak a little Spanish; however, we have been getting along famously with each other since the beginning. I have known of him for over eight years. Every time I see him, he takes me to a great deal of interesting places in order to see Mexican cultures. Naturally, I was very excited to see him again.

His father would stay with us for a week, so Ramon was busy to make plans for his father. Everyone could see easily how much he loves his father. I have never seen Ramon being a good boy and in such a buoyant mood. Ramon had a job and couldn’t have a whole day to spend his father; however, he managed a time to take his father and me to have a fresh breakfast during his work hours. Between breakfast and lunch, his father and I were left alone. So, we usually sauntered on Fifth Avenue and went to Mamita Beach to have drinks. His father always insisted to pay everything for me as if I were his favorite son. Around 2:00 p.m., Ramon usually picked us up on Fifth Avenue and took us to show around beautiful spots. For instance, we ate lunch at a seafood restaurant on Tulum Beach to contemplate beautiful ocean and horizon with music of seagulls. And Tulum’s white limestone beaches and sapphire blue Caribbean waters made us delirious. Our wandering continued visiting Tulum Ruins, Punta Allen, and Sian Kann Biospher Reserve. It was astonishing for me to see how well Ramon knew of Riviera Maya as though entire Rivera Maya were Ramon Garcia’s estate. His father and I were lucky to have such a well-informed tour guide.

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