No More Funny Business

As soon as I emerged from the threshold, Ramon was whistling and waving me to follow his lead. I followed him through the courtyard. He beckoned me to get in his car, so I hoped in the back seat. Lo and behold, Esteban was waiting for me. Ramon hopped in the front seat and gibbered, “Hey bitch, first of all, we should apologize for making you as a fucking scapegoat. But it was a necessary manoeuvre. Of course, you can understand our awkward situations perfectly. In short, bitch, please don’t marry, and enjoy your single life as long as possible, ha-ha-ha….”

“I’m sorry about it, Shogo. And please keep on being single as long as you can, ha-ha-ha…,” Esteban chimed in.

“Bitch, you should know that Patricia always makes a long speech. I’m always victim of her never-ending tirade, ha-ha-ha…. But you’re fucking lucky, because she had to make a speech in English, so it was difficult for her to make a long speech, ha-ha-ha… bless you, man!” he guffawed.

Esteban looked at me mischievously and informed, smiling, “Shogo, I went to Tulum with the Chilean cunt. And I had a wonderful time.”

“Did you give her a good lay?” I asked curiously.

“No, Shogo. I couldn’t,” he lapsed into reverie for few minutes and resumed, “it was very short time, so I had no chance to elevate to that stage. I picked her up, and we went to Tulum beach. While we were enjoying chatting, my right hand was constantly holding her waist tightly and my left hand was caressing her hair gently. That was all. But I had a really good time with her.”

“I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed with her company. I wish to Christ that you could have a time to do your funny business though,” I am laughing.

“Yeah, that would swell, ha-ha-ha….”

Here Ramon announced us that we should head back to the apartment. And tonight we should go to a bar and just relax. No more funny business. Thereupon, we, three of us, were walking back to the apartment with a light-heartedly laugh.

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