Spontaneous Self-Defence

I was laughing and asked, “What the hell happened with Esteban?”

“He is having a hellish time right now,” he guffawed animatedly and carried on, “Patricia is reproaching his conduct, because it’s supposed to be his business trip. And the upshot is that he’s been married to her friend. She is admonishing him to think about his wife and marriage. Poor Esteban, ha-ha-ha….”

Here Ramon was suddenly bursting out laughing like a nutcase, as though lightning struck on his scalp. I was nonplussed by his hysterical laughter and waited until he composed himself. Finally, he came back to the reality and disclosed the dangerous secret with laughter of tears in his eyes, “Bitch, I’m so sorry. Do you know why she said that she doesn’t want you to stay at the apartment?”

“I have no idea, Ramon. Please enlighten me,” I am getting anxious.

“Because we told her that it was you, who suggested us to go to Marlins Men’s Club last night. It was your decision to go there.”


I was puzzled and inquired, “What? Why did you make me as a scapegoat?”

“Bitch, only you can take the responsibility, since you are single. Both Esteban and I are married, so we really had no choice. It was a spontaneous self-defence. As soon as Patricia reproached us, Esteban cried out, ‘It was Shogo. Yap, it was Shogo, who made the decision.’ And I chimed in as if you were a savior. We chorused desperately, ‘It was Shogo. Oh yeah, it was Shogo, who made the decision.’ That was exactly how it happened, sorry, bitch, ha-ha-ha….”

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