Another Drama

Esteban glanced at me, with a half-smile on his lips and slipped a horse wink on me while Patricia was giving the speech to him. Approximately twenty minutes had elapsed in this manner since I came back to the apartment, then suddenly Patricia ordered Ramon, “We don’t have water, please fetch it from OXXO? Take Shogo with you. I don’t want him to stay at my apartment right now.”

He was chagrined and whispered laconically, “Let’s get the hell out of here, bitch.”

Once we were under the open sky, Ramon somehow became fortified and begun yakking, “Goddamn it! It was my fucking fault. Sorry, bitch, for making you to witness another drama. You know, Patricia becomes a fucking detective whenever I am on the job. Apparently, she was looking for some clues what we did last night in this morning, for we came back to the apartment such an ungodly hour. I still had fucking headache when I woke up in this morning; I went to the job without my fucking wallet. I was fucking drunken last night and somehow stashed the accusing receipt in my wallet safely. I wish to Christ that I could undo it. But it was too late now. Anyway, don’t be scared, bitch, because everything is taking care of. I told her that we went to Fifth Avenue to eat dinner first. And then we went to Om to have drinks. Afterwards, we decided to go to Marlins Men’s Club – we stayed at there only for an hour. Consequently, don’t tell her about Chilly Willys. I don’t think that she isn’t as mad as the fucking last time, so don’t worry, bitch!”

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