How the Hell Did It Happen?

As I walked into the apartment with a heart full of rapture, the unexpected scene was waiting for me. Ramon and Esteban were sitting on the couch with heads down and listening to Patricia’s convulsive speech, like a rebuked child who was just caught his mischief. Patricia was standing on the middle of the living room and reproaching Esteban in Spanish. She did not care about my presence but kept on criticizing him. Ramon indicated me to sit down next to him with his beseeching eyes and whispered, “Shogo, we have a big problem. Patricia knows.”

“Know what?”

“She knows about yesterday’s adventure. She found the receipt from Marlins Men’s Club in my wallet,” he muttered and tried to prevent from bursting out laughing, grabbing his tights firmly with his hands.

“You don’t say! How the hell did it happen?” I uttered confusedly.

“Christ’s sake, bitch, keep your voice down! For the love of God, please sit down here quietly for a while. I’ll explain the situation to you later,” he begged agitatedly.

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