What an Auspicious Beginning!

Seeing her skipping away, I talked to myself exultantly, “It was incredible. The very first time I announced that I am a published writer is a total stranger! What an auspicious beginning!” I was intoxicated by the incident and beyond bliss. I did not know what to do with this exultant mood. However, one thing was as transparent as Tulum Ocean: I must show my appreciation toward God for always taking care of me from the above. “Yes, it is my duty to express my gratitude,” I shouted jubilantly at the heaven. Thus, I, Shogo Onoe the neophyte, let myself kneel down on the middle of street, crossed over myself like a pious Russian, and gave a silent prayer for God with happy tears in my eyes.

Heading back to the apartment with a rejoicing spirit, I was wondering what our plan would be for the night. To be sure, Ramon had already concocted a great adventure for the night, since today was Friday. And also I was wondering whether Esteban made out with Chilean vagina. I was ready to sail on Fifth Avenue with body and soul.

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