I Am a Writer

When I hit the street, an attractive woman, who looked like middle twentieth, was staring at me intently. She was studying me for a while with curious eyes, as though I had just flown down on earth from the blue heaven. And then she nodded and approached me, with a beautiful smile by greeting, “Hello. How are you today?”

“I’m awesome, thanks. How about yourself?” I replied amiably.

“I’m fine. I am Marissa. Nice to meet you,” she is extending her right hand in order to shake mine.

“Shogo, pleasure to meet you,” I shook her hand, smiling.


“Are you Japanese, perhaps?” she asked.

“Yes, I am. Why?”

“I thought so. I love travelling around the world. When I stayed in Vancouver, I met a lot of Japanese there.”

“What did you do in Vancouver?”

“I was attending a language school. Most of students were Japanese. In fact, I was an only Mexican student in my class; the rest of class mates were all Japanese,” she was laughing.

“What a coincidence!” I exclaimed pleasingly. “I’ve lived in Vancouver for years and met Mexican friends there. As a matter of fact, I’m staying at my Mexican friend’s apartment right now.”

“Really? It’s wonderful. What are you doing here?”

I was a bit hesitated for a while and answered abashedly, “I am a writer.”

“Wow, I’m so impressed. So, you are a famous, eh?” she was smiling.

Her naive remark intoxicated me to the God’s blue sky. I became mightier and said with pride, chest thrown out, “Not yet, senorita. My work hasn’t yet been published, but it will be bound to happen.”

“It’s amazing!” she beamed enthusiastically. “My mother loves reading books, so I’ll recommend her to read your book. Anyway, I have to go now due to my work shift. Can you see over there, Hotel Riu across the street? I’m working there. I usually work till 6:00 p.m. What are you doing tomorrow? Can I see you tomorrow around six here again?”

“Sure. Why not. I’ll be here for you tomorrow.”

“It’s fantastic. See you very soon!” she gave me kiss on my left cheek softly and skipped to the Hotel Riu sweetly.

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