Paid Dearly for My Education

At that moment, I was blind by too much excitement and did not know that I was about to sign up with the worst publisher in the world, which took every advantage of my innocence. After my book had been published, they gave me a bombshell: they did not do any marketing for my book unless I paid. Their tactic is that they conceal a diabolical plot from authors until books are published. For instance, they ask authors to help them in order to earn their living after publishing books; they do not do any marketing unless authors pay for it. And to cap it all, they perform less than mediocre jobs. If an author refuses to pay anything, they call him a weed and forsake him. I would soon realize that Gerardo’s observation of the modern business world is downrightly acute; I would soon terminate the contract and start studying publishers anew, so that I could find a right home for my magnum opus. I must say that I have paid dearly for my education; however, thanks to them, I have been opened my eyes and learned a dirty publishing business; I have become stronger and wiser. Anyway, I am digressing – hasting to jump ahead a year, so I should go back to the story.

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