Change My Life Forever

The following morning, I woke up as fresh as morning dew. I was exceptionally in a high spirit from the morning. A beautiful tune of whistling was constantly coming from my lips. “Life is generous when one follows his private destiny relentlessly,” I thought to myself gladly. The reason of my happiness was that I had at last decided to singe up a contract to publish my book. I have received several offers from different publishers. I gave all information to Ramon, Gerardo, and Jorgito. And they all chose the same publisher, which would publish my book within six months; they just could not wait to see my book in print. So here I was, under the tropical weather with soughing of palm trees, I was strutting on the street as proud as a peacock.

I went to Starbucks (Ave. Playcare) to get fresh coffee and glided on the stairs to the second floor. I found a comfortable couch by the window and leaped on it like a jubilant frog. I was relaxing, sipping coffee, crossing my legs, and leaning my back on the couch pleasantly. I was fully aware that signing the contract was the starting point for me as a writer, and it would change my life forever. It took me for five minutes to sing up the contract; it had taken me for nine years to get my feet on the starting line.

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