He Has Been Never Wrong

I trusted him and decided to have fun with her, since he knows all strip clubs and current practice prices in Playa Del Carmen. In fact, he is the king of strip clubs. His intention is not fornicating but simply enjoying drinking and having a gay time with sexy cunts. He never takes me a dump place; he knows where our wishes are fulfilled. I still remember the first time he took me to Men’s Club in Guadalajara. He knew about all stripper’s songs – just hearing the beginning of music, he informed me that this song is a Colombian cunt, this song is a Brazilian cunt, this song is a Russian cunt, and so on and so forth. He has been never wrong. I was astonished at his memory and admired his knowledge. It is easy for one to recognize that Ramon has been the master of cunts and studied them assiduously. The pure truth is that he was born to be the master pimp and got a talent. Consequently, once upon a time, the Japanese expatriate took the Mexican stripper’s hand gently and walked into a motel with tremendous erection.