Quite a Knock-off Deal

As we paraded into Chilly Willys, a waiter was dashing toward us and welcoming us by saying, “We’re ready to offer excellent girls for you tonight.”

Ramon was reconnoitering the place without delay and affirmed, “They have some sexy cunts here. Let’s enjoy, bitch!” And Esteban could not compose his excitement and yelled at a waiter even though he was standing right beside him, “Hey, we need a table right beside the main dance stage for three people!” And he nodded, “Shogo, just relax. I can take care of it. I love it here very much. Look over there, can you see two whores shaking their ass invitingly. I’m dazzling, ha-ha-ha….”

Ramon and Esteban had already chosen their vaginas and engrossed in talking with them. On the other hand, I could not find any vagina although my faithful waiter constantly brought them to the table as if I were Don Quixote. Tonight I was feeling that I did not want to have just intercourse; I was feeling that I need a human talk. Ergo, I obviously needed a vagina who spoke English. I at last chose a Guadalajara vagina, who had curly blond hair, magnificent teats, brown eyes, and moderate ass. She was short and beautiful. She told me that every three months she goes back to Guadalajara and enjoys spending time with her friends. And nobody knows that she is working as a stripper. And then she comes back to Play Del Carmen and works for another three months. This has become her routine. “Nothing is new and special. Every stripper tells me the same old dance and song. I need a special striper who admits that she was born to be a striper – taking off her clothes proudly, dancing lasciviously, and fornicating like a nymphomaniac is her virtue. I need a striper who is serving her client with her body and soul, but I don’t need a bull-shit story!” I thought to myself disappointingly. Anyway, she offered me to bang her for two thousands pesos. It was quite a knock-off deal, so I told Ramon. He slipped a horse wink and nodded three times, which means that Ramon Garcia was proud of me picking up such a gorgeous whore. He concurred with shinning eyes, “It’s extremely cheap, man. Two thousands pesos, including a room is a sheer bargain. It’s usually between three thousands and five thousands pesos. Besides, she is very hot, man. You should bang her, bitch. Trust your pimp master.”

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