Universal Refuge

Later on, Ramon revealed me the truth that Esteban is married. He always takes a business trip every three months, comes to Play Del Carmen, and stays at Ramon’s apartment. Actually, he has no business in Playa Del Carmen at all, except visiting a table dance. Integrating with international whores is his solo purpose. And once upon a time, Esteban slept with his cousin. He used to say that his cousin was a universal refuge. However, she doesn’t want to sleep with him anymore that hurts him so much. And the upshot is that he misses her huge teats dearly. Therefore, he constantly looked forward to having the business trip. Needless to say, this was his secret recipe for maintaining his marriage.

The following night, Ramon was too excited about the night adventure, since he got a permission to go out. First of all, we went to Fifth Avenue to eat dinner, and then we sailed in Marlins Men’s Club. However, Esteban did not like the ambiance of the place and also could not find any whores he would like to dance with, so we finally decided to change the place. Ramon insisted to take care of a bill by winking, “Bitch, I got it. Don’t spend your money, for you’ll definitely need it later. Tonight you must need to get laid, so save it for a higher purpose, ha-ha-ha….”

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