Your Reputation Pursues You

It was a Wednesday night. Ramon and I were at a bus station waiting for Esteban, who was going to stay with us for three days. While Ramon was talking with his friend on the phone, a man, who was late twenties and amiable ambiance about him, was sailing out a bus with a delightful grin on his face. As soon as he laid his eyes on me, he asked, “Are you Shogo?”

“Yes, I am. How come you recognize me?” I replied bewilderingly.

His face brightened up and saluted enthusiastically, “I am Esteban. Very nice to meet you, Shogo,” he was offering me a handshake and continued, “I know everything about you, and also I can read your life like a book. You know, your reputation pursues you, so to say. Of course, you know what I mean? Ramon told me everything about you. I believe that all his friends know about you as if you were their chum, ha-ha-ha…. By the way, I want to talk to you about an upcoming business. I’m staying in Playa Del Carmen only for two nights. I have to go back to Guadalajara on Saturday, so I think we should execute our business tomorrow night.”

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