I Am a Writer

When I hit the street, an attractive woman, who looked like middle twentieth, was staring at me intently. She was studying me for a while with curious eyes, as though I had just flown down on earth from the blue heaven. And then she nodded and approached me, with a beautiful smile by greeting, “Hello. How are you today?”

“I’m awesome, thanks. How about yourself?” I replied amiably.

“I’m fine. I am Marissa. Nice to meet you,” she is extending her right hand in order to shake mine.

“Shogo, pleasure to meet you,” I shook her hand, smiling.


“Are you Japanese, perhaps?” she asked.

“Yes, I am. Why?”

“I thought so. I love travelling around the world. When I stayed in Vancouver, I met a lot of Japanese there.”

“What did you do in Vancouver?”

“I was attending a language school. Most of students were Japanese. In fact, I was an only Mexican student in my class; the rest of class mates were all Japanese,” she was laughing.

“What a coincidence!” I exclaimed pleasingly. “I’ve lived in Vancouver for years and met Mexican friends there. As a matter of fact, I’m staying at my Mexican friend’s apartment right now.”

“Really? It’s wonderful. What are you doing here?”

I was a bit hesitated for a while and answered abashedly, “I am a writer.”

“Wow, I’m so impressed. So, you are a famous, eh?” she was smiling.

Her naive remark intoxicated me to the God’s blue sky. I became mightier and said with pride, chest thrown out, “Not yet, senorita. My work hasn’t yet been published, but it will be bound to happen.”

“It’s amazing!” she beamed enthusiastically. “My mother loves reading books, so I’ll recommend her to read your book. Anyway, I have to go now due to my work shift. Can you see over there, Hotel Riu across the street? I’m working there. I usually work till 6:00 p.m. What are you doing tomorrow? Can I see you tomorrow around six here again?”

“Sure. Why not. I’ll be here for you tomorrow.”

“It’s fantastic. See you very soon!” she gave me kiss on my left cheek softly and skipped to the Hotel Riu sweetly.

Paid Dearly for My Education

At that moment, I was blind by too much excitement and did not know that I was about to sign up with the worst publisher in the world, which took every advantage of my innocence. After my book had been published, they gave me a bombshell: they did not do any marketing for my book unless I paid. Their tactic is that they conceal a diabolical plot from authors until books are published. For instance, they ask authors to help them in order to earn their living after publishing books; they do not do any marketing unless authors pay for it. And to cap it all, they perform less than mediocre jobs. If an author refuses to pay anything, they call him a weed and forsake him. I would soon realize that Gerardo’s observation of the modern business world is downrightly acute; I would soon terminate the contract and start studying publishers anew, so that I could find a right home for my magnum opus. I must say that I have paid dearly for my education; however, thanks to them, I have been opened my eyes and learned a dirty publishing business; I have become stronger and wiser. Anyway, I am digressing – hasting to jump ahead a year, so I should go back to the story.

Change My Life Forever

The following morning, I woke up as fresh as morning dew. I was exceptionally in a high spirit from the morning. A beautiful tune of whistling was constantly coming from my lips. “Life is generous when one follows his private destiny relentlessly,” I thought to myself gladly. The reason of my happiness was that I had at last decided to singe up a contract to publish my book. I have received several offers from different publishers. I gave all information to Ramon, Gerardo, and Jorgito. And they all chose the same publisher, which would publish my book within six months; they just could not wait to see my book in print. So here I was, under the tropical weather with soughing of palm trees, I was strutting on the street as proud as a peacock.

I went to Starbucks (Ave. Playcare) to get fresh coffee and glided on the stairs to the second floor. I found a comfortable couch by the window and leaped on it like a jubilant frog. I was relaxing, sipping coffee, crossing my legs, and leaning my back on the couch pleasantly. I was fully aware that signing the contract was the starting point for me as a writer, and it would change my life forever. It took me for five minutes to sing up the contract; it had taken me for nine years to get my feet on the starting line.

Happy with the Final Decision

It was past 5:00 a.m. when we came back to the apartment. We agreed that Esteban would have to go out with Chilean cunt, for Ramon could not skip his job which would bring a total catastrophe to his marriage; I would busy studying publishing offers. Esteban was happy with the final decision and swore us that he would boink her on a white sand tomorrow, with a music of seagulls. And then we sneaked into the apartment by holding breath like a thief.

Not Tonight, Senorita, Give Me a Break

As I came back to the table, Ramon and Esteban were sharing a stripper, deeply immersed in a conversation. As soon as Ramon’s eyes casted on me, he howled, with his hands spreads horizontally, cocking his jaw, “Where are you, man? Where the hell are you, man? You’ve gone over three hours. I thought you were kidnapped. What happened, man?”

“I just gave her a good lay twice – that’s all, brother. And I didn’t go away for three hours. You exaggerated it too much, my intoxicated friend,” I could not help smiling.

“Ha-ha-ha… fucking Shogo!” he was guffawing, with his right hand on his temple and asked bewilderingly, “but you’ve surely disappeared for good two hours. What did you do for such long hours?”

I lit a cigarette and fell to mysterious silence for a while. And then I unfolded my missing two hours, “As I said, I boinked her twice. Between each interval, she gave me a massage. I was so relaxed. However, one thing kept bothering me during the fucking fiesta. She never let my pecker go – while we were talking on a bed, she desperately clutched my pecker, as if she sailed on the aggressive sea under a bad weather, with menacing breaks and as if my pecker were only her lifesaver. Can you beat it? She constantly gripped my pecker for two hours!”

“What a crazy cunt!” he was amazed, chuckling.

He drained a bottle of beer, ordered another one, and asked, “Shogo, what do you think about my new cunt? She is from Chile. She is very hot and sexy. I asked her out tomorrow, and she’s accepted it. We’re planning to go to Tulum. Of course, you have to join us, bitch. Do you think she’ll come with us?”

“I think she will. She seems to be really enjoying your company.”

Here she suddenly asked me, “Are you ready for another session with me right now?”

“Not tonight, not tonight, senorita, give me a break. Of course, I want to bang you, but not tonight, por favor.” I babbled embarrassingly.

Everyone was laughing at my remark ardently. And Esteban was patting my back cheerfully and clinking his glass to mine.