A Tremendous Rage Creeps into My Heart

Two weeks have elapsed since I came to Playa Del Carmen. I had never thought that life is so generous and simple when I was locked up in Japan. Here in Playa Del Carmen, I cannot believe myself that life is so beautiful. Here in Playa Del Carmen, just strolling on Fifth Avenue in the brazing sun, I am as happy as a baby Pan. People are very friendly and talk to me in a cordial fashion. The main thing is that I no longer need to see Japanese anymore. It is extremely rare for me to bump into Japanese on the streets of Mexico. Every time I see them, a tremendous rage creeps into my heart. I am absolutely livid to hear Japanese language in such an amiable country with warm people. Even hearing the sound of it makes me shudder to the core of my being. It is a total shame for me to see Japanese showing off their ignorance and meanness under a foreign sky. As a matter of fact, it is a sheer scandal. I really think that Japan does not help the world a wee bit; on the contrary, Japan has been degrading the world with frivolous gadgets and superficial technology. I do not care if Japanese enjoy their hectic life and frivolous Japanese etiquette, but they should not practice their balderdash under a foreign sky. Japan should not butt in the world to enjoy life and should not introduce their rigid customs to stiffen the world. And most importantly, Japan ought to stop converting the mankind into lifeless creatures like them and stop infecting the world with their meanness. What I can see Japan is only poisoning the world. In respect for human races, Japan ought to be secluded. In other words, Japan is not welcome to the world.

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