Mid-night Serenade

He gulped a bottle of beer, then suddenly asked, “Do you know when I realized you would be my best fucking biatch friend?”

“I have no idea,” I responded with an amazed look.

“Oh, man, I’ll never forget that mid-night legend. Do you remember my homestay in Vancouver? They had two beautiful daughters. And I introduced you to them. You instantly fell in love with younger one. One mid-night, you came to the homestay and started serenading right under her window with a cappella, since you couldn’t play a guitar. Remember, bitch, you passionately sang A Kiss to Build a Dream ON and finished up bawling, ‘Give me your lips for just a moment!’ It was about 3:00 a.m. The whole house was awakening due to your insane performance, so to speak. Her parents got angry and asked me to do something. I calmly persuaded you to go home for the better. After you reluctantly vanished into a foggy night, her mother was beside herself and scowled at me that she had met many Japanese students, and they were very quiet. On the other hand, you were a downright fruitcake. And she frantically puzzled out your mid-night serenade by exclaiming, ‘How could he possibly sing with such a loud voice at 3:00 a.m.?’ It was apparently incomprehensible to her but not to me. Of course, I understood your passion, so I tried to explain her that you were a very innocent Japanese bird and simply loved her daughter too much. You wanted to show your love toward her by singing. But she didn’t listen to me and said that it was simply outrage – it was the loudest voice that she ever heard at 3:00 a.m. – you were not singing but roaring. Furthermore, she wanted me not to hang around with you anymore if I wanted to stay under her roof. At that precious moment I felt that I had to defend you at any cost, for our everlasting friendship was about to begin; and wherefore, I left the homestay in the following morning, with a full of oomph. That night by listening to your passionate serenade at the window, I’ve realized that you would be my best biatch friend forever, and that we would be inseparable brothers. Jesus, Shogo, I’ll never forget your foolhardy performance, ha-ha-ha….”

“It was a total shame, brother. I can’t remember what made me go through serenading her at such an ungodly hour. I suspect that my love toward her must’ve been exploded anyway. But it was a good memory, you know…. Every single moment in Vancouver period was sacred to me although sometimes I did crazy things. Sometimes I really can’t control my mad impulse, you know, things are just out of control, ha-ha-ha…,” I admitted embarrassingly.

“Fucking Shogo, you’ll never change. I’ve witnessed countless times that you let your impulse for taking a rein to perform raving dances. You’re completely like me; you are my double, ha-ha-ha…. Bitch, allow me to have one more drink. I’ll promise this will be the very last one, Salud!”

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