She Must’ve Really Loved You

He guffawed amusingly, “Of course, that crazy cunt. I was so terrified. I thought she would beat us up mercilessly with her scandalous stick. She didn’t allow us to join your party and chased us away by brandishing her notorious stick, ha-ha-ha….”


“Ramon, Miki was head over heels in love with you. She always asked my help in order to get you, you know….”

He drained a bottle of beer, ordered another one, and began revealing, “I knew, bitch, Miki was madly in love with me. But I simply couldn’t allow myself to go out with her, you know…. She was fucking ugly, man. It was humiliating for me to stroll around such a beautiful city, with the ugly cunt like her. I just didn’t want to be disgraced, I suppose. Such a shame might’ve ruined my reputation as a pimp, so to say… I just couldn’t let it happen, ha-ha-ha….”

His remark hit my weak spot – I was bursting out laughing like a hyena. And I said with tears in my eyes, “I completely understand your character though. Do you remember your last day of Vancouver? – We went to the airport together. And before you disappeared into the gate, Miki suddenly emerged out of nowhere. Apparently, she waited in ambush, so that she could have a final chat with you. After you departed, she was sobbing like a forsaken orphan. She must’ve really loved you.”

“She really missed my cock,” he was nodding pensively.

“Did you bang her?” I asked curiously.

“Two days before my farewell to Vancouver, I gave her pity fuck. I was very sorry for her and realized that she had enormous teats. After I boinked her and was about to decamp, she madly rushed toward me, impulsively reached into my fly, swiftly took out my cock, passionately kissed it – almost reverently, as if my cock were a religious icon, ha-ha-ha… Oh yeah, bitch, once upon a time I, Ramon the Pimp Master, gave her the farewell intercourse as a small token, ha-ha-ha….” he was guffawing lightheartedly

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