A Hysterical Performance

He gulped a glass of beer happily and recalled with a mirthful laugh, “By the way, I miss old time in Vancouver. We had a number of wonderful times. You always had a party at your apartment on a weekend. Remember, bitch, one day I arrived at your apartment with my Osaka cunt, and Miki got angry and kicked us out. She even didn’t let me into the apartment, notwithstanding it was your apartment. She was fucking jealous of my Osaka cunt, ha-ha-ha….”

I lit a cigarette and puffed in the air. “Of course, I remember that crazy night,” I replied reminiscently, “when Miki saw you coming with your Osaka cunt from a window, she threatened me that I couldn’t let you into the apartment unless you ditched her. Miki couldn’t control her jealous and madly stormed out to the parking in order to teach you a lesson. I saw something fierce glinting on her eyes. And then she howled at you and insulted your cunt at her top of her voices by brandishing a stick. I’m still wondering where the hell she fetched the stick anyway. It was magically appeared on her left hand as if it was by design, ha-ha-ha…. It was horrible to witness such a hysterical performance, I must confess.”

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