She Was Untouchable

We went to Blue Parrot and had a table on the beach. It was a calm night with a sound of gentle wave. The cloudless sky with a full moon was above us. To my great astonishment, a luminous moonlight was suddenly beaming on Ramon, as if he had been chosen to be in the spotlight by a higher power. It was simply a magical night. While we were drinking, fire dancers were performing a fascinating show. As soon as they started dancing, my eyes were helplessly captivated by a dancer, who had a jet black long hair and a seraphic face. A full moon illuminated on her sexy body, and she danced like an angel of heaven. I was instantly fell in love with the exotic woman and exclaimed, “Ramon, look at her, who is dancing in the middle. Oh my God, she is very beautiful and looks like an angel!”

“I know, man, she is fucking beautiful,” he nodded and carried on like a connoisseur, “as a matter of fact, the first time I saw her dancing three years ago, I instantly fell in love with her. I couldn’t help myself to breeze in asking her out, with my fly open, but she didn’t notice my inviting fly and informed me casually that she is married and have two children. Can you beat it? Such a beautiful woman with perfect style has two children? She is Mexican and from Monterrey. Oh, man, you can’t believe how sexy she was three years ago. Of course, she is still fucking exotic and hot, but, man, three years ago, she was untouchable, like a goddess dancing among human beings. It was a sheer magic to watch her dancing, I must say.”

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