It Was a Good Omen for Him

I have never seen Ramon being in a prolonged melancholy state in all our friendship. He had arrived at conclusion to take the matter seriously now. Patricia fixed upon to stay at her sister’s apartment for a while. It was a good omen for him; he went down line to change his decorum for good. Now he answered the mobile phone as soon as she called him, like a good soldier, as though he received a general’s order. It seemed to me that his mighty wings were totally disappeared as well. We at once stopped sailing on Fifth Avenue after his work. We simply ate dinner, came back to the apartment, and watched movies. Now it had been for three days that he had transmogrified into a tranquil unicorn. However, I was very curious how long Ramon Garcia could refrain from spreading his prodigious wings.

“For the love of God, I thank thee!” I thought to myself when I heard good news from Ramon five days after the incident. He informed me triumphantly, “Patricia told me in the afternoon that she’s decided to come back to the apartment. Apparently, the time has made her calm down and made her come to sense. Thank God, everything’s goanna be in order again! I told you, bitch, you don’t need to worry about anything, for I can handle it, ha-ha-ha… this is the part of marriage, you know…. You’re very lucky, because you’ve witnessed how well I could handle the marriage problem patiently. You’ve learned the essential lesson that one doesn’t need to ask a fucking marital counselor to fix domestic problems. As a matter of fact, asking a marital counselor for help to fix domestic problems is the dumbest idea that I’ve ever heard in my entire pimp life. What a fucking poppycock, ha-ha-ha….”

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